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Deck ONE

Hersteller Theory 11

Artikel-Nr.: 2388


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Produktinformationen "Deck ONE"

  • Farbe Silber
  • Index Standard (2-fach)
  • Material Karton
  • Größe Poker (88 x 63mm)

Playing cards truly unlike anything you've seen before. It's never been possible. It's never been done. DeckONE : Industrial Edition Playing Cards. The gunmetal box glistens in the limelight and demands attention with its hardened steel aesthetic. Worry not - while 25% thicker than the Sentinel tuck case, it is purposefully designed to protect the cards, not to take up space in your pocket. These cards protect themselves. DeckONE features original illustration by Homer Liwag proudly on the box, the back design, the Jokers, the Ace of Spades, and even each court card. The Kings, Queens, and Jacks exude a unique patina. The cards are printed in Q1 quality on the web casino press at USPCC. Available now in limited quantities. DeckOne's industrial inspiration draws from over 30 years of television and movie production design, concept art, and illustration. While sketching Bat Mobiles and Colonial Viper space ships as a kid in the 70's, Homer dreamed of designing props and ships for TV shows and movies. "I wanted the back design to appear heavy - like the giant otherworldly machines they depicted. For the case, I created the look of worn, military grade, black stamped steel by using thick metallic stock and subtle printing and embossing effects."


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Hersteller-Beschreibung "Theory 11"

Theory 11  begann mit einer Gruppe von elf Personen mit dem Ziel die magische Welt voranzutreiben. Theory 11  ist die Elite, die Besten der Besten. So finden sich unter Ihnen u.a. folgende respektable Künstler:

Jonathan Bayme
CEO, Theory 11
Chris Kenner
Executive Producer, David Copperfield
Dan White
Magic Producer, David Blaine
Apollo Robbins
International renommierter Taschendieb
Dan & Dave Buck
Topseller & Cardistry Pioniere
Mathieu Bich
Gewinner des FISM Awards
Daniel Garcia
Kreativer Berater, David Copperfield
Andrei Jikh


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