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Cash Flow - inkl. Gimmick

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Juan Pablo did it again! This time he has created "Cash Flow", the quickest and best visual bill change never seen before, and just using one hand. A DVD containing a great variety of explained tricks is included with this gimmick.One of the tricks explained is a one dollar bill held by just two fingers. This bill immediately turns into a one-hundred dollar bill and is shown on both sides. You can note that both hands are clearly empty at all times. This trick works with any currency.Another trick is a check held at the tip of the fingers which turns into several dollars that can be examined.Easy to do anytime Extremely visual Easy and quick set-up Immediately repeatable No Palming This magic trick can be done with your own bills (works with any currency), checks, lottery cards, receipts and so on What you get is a ready-to-use gimmick, materials to create an extra gimmick and a fully explanations The ideal gimmick to have always handy in your pocket. English - Spanish version DVD Gimmick included + everything you need to build an additional gimmick

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