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Card Constructions

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Ollie Mealing has a passion for playing cards that knows no bounds. And his incredible enthusiasm will benefit YOU! On this DVD Ollie reveals five of his signature moves. From the simple, but mind-blowingly effective, Seesaw Peek to the beautiful Barrier Shift - it's a veritable arsenal of sleights to take every aspect of your magic into a brave new world! And you don't need to be a card ninja to learn and use these moves. The SeeSaw PeekAn incredibly fair and open selection of two cards - which leaves you knowing the value of both cards AND hiding one face up in the deck. GENIUS! The Barrier ShiftForget the Classic Pass, the riffle pass, the turnover pass - The Barrier Shift is your new 'go to' move. And you do it right under their nose! The Pit ControlTilt gone supernova - a selection is cleanly inserted half way down at the FRONT of the deck. In full view and effortlessly you move it second from top! The Clay SwitchA switch, a force, a colour change - you name it, The Clay Switch can do it! The Station DoubleEver wanted to pull a double from the centre of the deck? Well, now you can! And then learn eight of Ollie's favourite routines: Constructing the Deck Four Sugars Triple CoincidenceThe Sandwich MealKing Of Clues Impromptu Stunner Flat PackGraffiti Sandwich FILMED AT ILLUSIONS MAGIC BAR, BRISTOL Running Time Approximately: 1hr 34min

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