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For years magicians have been making signed cards appear in envelopes. Consignment has taken a giant leap forward with this effect! The ingenious gimmick means that the envelope can be out on the table before the card is even selected. This is definitely out of the box thinking.Effect:The magician introduces a small envelope that is left in full view on the table. Next, a card is selected and signed by the spectator. The card is then lost in the deck and the deck is slipped back into the box and placed in the magician's pocket. The magician then draws attention to the envelope on the table. The envelope is opened and the signed card is found inside! It's that direct! Points to remember:Any card can be signed.The envelope is in full view throughout.It all happens right under the spectator's nose and they don't suspect a thing.Consignment comes with gimmicks and an instructional DVD shot in full HD.Quotes:"I don't normally like gimmicks but this is something I will definitely find pocket space for. This is genius!"- James Brown - Multi award winning magician"That is very, very nice indeed!"- Marc Spellman - World renowned mentalist"The cleanest card to envelope I have ever seen. Fooled me badly! And the method is almost as fun as the effect!"- Cameron Francis

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