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Genesis v2

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Hersteller Theory 11

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Produktinformationen "Genesis v2"

It all started in October of 2009. It was on that day - it was Halloween night - that we unveiled the debut DVD from the mind of Andrei Jikh. It was called Genesis. And it changed everything. Genesis is not, and has never been, a small undertaking. The original Genesis DVD is close to four hours of training, and it takes you from zero to sixty in cardistry faster and better than any other training resource. Don't take our word for it - read the reviews. The first volume of Genesis was specifically designed for those on a beginner or intermediate ability level. It provides a foundation in card flourishing - the building blocks and essential moves you need to know to advance within the artform. Genesis v2 continues in that progression. This is the next step. Everything you learned in Genesis v1 is about to get amped up to another dimension. Covering over 18 moves on an intermediate to advanced ability level, Genesis v2 takes you by the hand and challenges you to be better, faster, and more precise in every movement you make. Are you up to that challenge? Over two and a half hours of comprehensive training, with guest appearances by Jeff McBride shot on location in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was our goal with Genesis v2 to take everything you've seen or learned before - and then surpass it. With unparalleled production quality, there has never been a cardistry training video like Genesis before, and with this second volume, we continue to push the envelope. Now is the time to take the next step. Imagine a new world of elegant, fluid motion brought to life by Andrei Jikh. Get inside his mind, and apply these principles in creating new moves of your own imagination. The sky is the limit. With Genesis v2, Andrei Jikh solidifies his stance on the forefront of the artform, and with this video, he invites you to join him on that quest. Get ready.


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Hersteller-Beschreibung "Theory 11"

Theory 11  begann mit einer Gruppe von elf Personen mit dem Ziel die magische Welt voranzutreiben. Theory 11  ist die Elite, die Besten der Besten. So finden sich unter Ihnen u.a. folgende respektable Künstler:

Jonathan Bayme
CEO, Theory 11
Chris Kenner
Executive Producer, David Copperfield
Dan White
Magic Producer, David Blaine
Apollo Robbins
International renommierter Taschendieb
Dan & Dave Buck
Topseller & Cardistry Pioniere
Mathieu Bich
Gewinner des FISM Awards
Daniel Garcia
Kreativer Berater, David Copperfield
Andrei Jikh


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