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The Vault - 2 DVD Set

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The name Docc Hilford is infamous when it comes to real world mentalism. On this two DVD set Docc takes you into The Vault where he reveals for the first time six of his cherished routines on DVD. This is the act Docc uses to this day, everything can be carried on you at all times. The Ball & Tube Docc breaths life quite literally into an old classic Styx A demonstration of rapid calculation, beat your spectators even though they are using a calculator Pendule A masterclass in using a pendulum and a mini showpiece that astonishes with multiple climaxes and incredible divinations Time Machine Doccs superb handling and adaption of Larry Beckers HG Wells themed coin teleportation Nostrum Booktest Any book, any page and any word with two wonderful climaxes and plenty of audience participation Slit Not for the faint hearted, this is as real as it gets. Docc shows us just how dark he can be with this showpiece, this will make them think you are for real Interview A thorough and extensive interview with the man himself. Every aspect and years of experience in a fun and thought provoking interview Disc One Running Time Approximately: 1hr 35mins Disc Two Running Time Approximately: 1hr 50mins

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