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Coin ONE

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Hersteller Theory 11

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Produktinformationen "Coin ONE"

In his first and highly anticipated DVD contribution to magic, magician and creator Homer Liwag (Creative Team / David Copperfield) presents his extremely visual coins across routine - CoinOne. Unlike any magic DVD you have seen, CoinOne was designed to be an immersive learning experience for everyone from the average coin worker to the seasoned professional - shot in a strong visual style with animated text, graphics, and slow motion sequences from multiple angles. Originally featured in the sought after publication Magic Man Examiner, CoinOne is a classic coins across effect - without the laborious coin counting and excess handling. Included on the DVD are alternate handlings, finesse points, and a detailed explanation of Homer's acclaimed Melt-Away Vanish. Also featured is Chris Kenners routine The Deep from his book Totally Out of Control - the perfect non-gimmick coins across for impromptu situations - explained in complete detail. This is the second edition printing of CoinONE. The second edition printing features the original DVD artwork in a standard, secure DVD case. NOTE: CoinOne requires a coin gimmick that most magicians already own. Jamie Schoolcraft is a leading manufacturer of some of the best coins in the industry.


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Hersteller-Beschreibung "Theory 11"

Theory 11  begann mit einer Gruppe von elf Personen mit dem Ziel die magische Welt voranzutreiben. Theory 11  ist die Elite, die Besten der Besten. So finden sich unter Ihnen u.a. folgende respektable Künstler:

Jonathan Bayme
CEO, Theory 11
Chris Kenner
Executive Producer, David Copperfield
Dan White
Magic Producer, David Blaine
Apollo Robbins
International renommierter Taschendieb
Dan & Dave Buck
Topseller & Cardistry Pioniere
Mathieu Bich
Gewinner des FISM Awards
Daniel Garcia
Kreativer Berater, David Copperfield
Andrei Jikh


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