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Johnny Wongs Super Power 4 inkl. DVD

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"Johnny Wong's Super Power 4" is by now the most advanced and precise coin gimmick which also is capable of creating a variety of effects.   You can accomplish any coin magic effect that come to your mind with this Johnny Wong's Super Power 4 ! If you liked Dream Coins and Super triple Coins you will really enjoy the Super Power 4 ! It is also the latest gimmick from Johnny Wong 2011. This gimmick will perform : Appear  Vanish Move Penetration  2 Fly, 3 Fly,  illusion quick move, and more...... In this DVD there are amazing procedures such as: (also teaches you about coin maintenance) Unique appear 4 Coins , Special sight , Coin thru glass table , Coin thru glass Cup , Super Power 4  illusion Routine , A Coin skill routine , 1 to 4 Coins , Coin thru Audience's hand twice ,This also a gimmick that will certainly let everyone show their different talent and imagination of magic. 50 more magic illusions for you to find out!  Includes: 4 x US Half Dollar and Instructional DVD.

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