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Perfect Power 3

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This Perfect Power 3 is the latest coin gimmick from Johnny Wong in 2010.Everyone would consider it to be a normal half dollar if they see from any possible angles.But it will soon divide into two coins once being held in the performer's hands, and then again there will be 3 coins.Just in a split of a second it is all back into 1 half dollar again, excellent.With the principle of repelling of same magnetic pole Johnny Wong has designed this product to fit in more various performing procedures. It is guaranteed that no such fine coin gimmick has been found anywhere else! In this DVD there are amazing procedures such as: (also teaches you about coin maintenance) Special 3 Coin Appear & Vanish Amazing Power 3 4 coins Appear & Vanish Two hands Coin movement 3 Silver to 3 Copper Miracle 3 coins and More...Original Design & Routine by Johnny Wong.

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