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Close Up, Up Close - Teil 1

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Joshua tips the work on his twelve-minute act, including his Ambitious Card and borrowed ring routines. He’s performed this award-winning act all over the world, and now you’ll have a peek at the thinking behind it. Also included are performance clips from his acclaimed one-man show, a detailed study of his Discreet Displacement sleight, and a special screening of The Heckler, Joshua’s magic-themed short film. Losing Diamonds: Visually flick the pips off the wrong card and change it into a signed selection. The Remote Control: A signed card is controlled by a remote held by a spectator. The routine climaxes with the discovery of the same signed card inside the remote’s battery compartment. The Aspirin: The opener and closer to Joshua’s act-produce an aspirin bottle and later reveal a signed selection inside...without ever touching the bottle. The Discreet Displacement: This easy-to-do sleight can be used as a control, force, or switch. You’ll learn several effects possible, including... Discreet Displacement Collectors: An in-the-hands version of this Roy Walton classic that takes place in less than a minute. Ringin’ Alarm: A borrowed finger ring (and a ring finger-no joke) is discovered inside an alarm clock...just in the nick of time! Plus: The Jay Change, D.D. Thought-Of Card, and lots more. Extra Feature: The Heckler, a short, fictional film written, starring, and co-directed by Joshua Jay. This is what happens when you mess with a magician.

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