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Gypsy Balloon

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The classic Gypsy Thread has been elevated to new heights! "This is one of the strongest pieces I've ever created. I just used it to close my hit show "Masters of Magic" in the 1200 seat Montbleu theater in Lake Tahoe!" - Tony Clark "After seeing Tony do his Gypsy Balloon Routine, I was blown away. Tony has found a way to motivate and elevate the classic and powerful Gypsy Thread trick into a truly powerful piece of magic and theater. His routine is actually too good to release and I wish I had the exclusive rights to it. This is something I would put into my show immediately and I predict a lot of people will do just that." - Danny Cole "The Gypsy Thread is a classic routine that needed a face-lift and Tony did it! It has such a visual impact for all audiences, both young and old. If you are looking for a NEW exciting routine, this is it! Silent or with music - the Gypsy Balloon is the way to go" - Brent Geris ** Includes 30 feet of thread - (Helium and balloons not included) Running Time Approximately: 9 min

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