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Premium Vanishing and Appearing Wine bottle

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Imagine taking out a wine bottle, pulling out the cork, pouring a glass of wine and toasting your audience. Next, you place the bottle into a paper bag and finally, you make the bottle VANISH! Or, Imagine, producing a bottle of wine from THIN AIR! All of this is possible with the Premium Vanishing and Appearing Wine Bottle! The Premium Vanishing Wine Bottle is different than other vanishing bottles currently on the market. This is a VERY realistic looking Bottle! Every detail has been thought of, right down to the cork. The premium Vanishing Wine Bottle contains silicone and semi-permanent Beca, this causes the bottle to fold flatter and snap back into shape much faster and last much longer than previous marketed models. Also, you can pour liquid (wine, juice, etc.) from the bottle before vanishing it due to a removable bladder (included).  Includes: 1 vanishing / appearing Wine Bottle 1 form fitting bladder 1 cork 1 set of large labels (front of Bottle) 1 set of small labels (neck of Bottle) 1 VERY sturdy storage tube

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