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Fujiwara Ball Gimmick

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You can perform amazing and beautiful effects with Fujiwara Ball Gimmick. Surprise your audience as you produce dollar bills and spectacular silks out of thin air! How is Fujiwaras Ball Gimmick different from "Hank Ball"?You can use the gimmick without palming it in your hand. This ball gimmick is NOT made of metal. Because this gimmick is made of very soft material, you can easily fold it up. It doesn't have string like the old style Hank Ball. The Improvements make it even more magical!Of course, you can still use Fujiwara's Ball Gimmick as regular hank ball. Comes with 2 different sizes of ball gimmick. No need to choose the size.Bigger Size - three or four 18-inch silks can be held in the gimmickSmaller Size - over 10 bills can be held in the gimmick Comes with instructional DVD. Details and techniques for use are explained in DVD

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