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Max Grip Manipulation Wishing Coins

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A NEW STANDARD SUPPLY FOR COIN MANIPULATORS!Complete set of 8 Maximum Grip Manipulation Wishing Coins (4 for each hand) comes in a quality black zippered coin bag.These are specially designed for coin manipulators. The sharp saw teeth milled around the coin edges allow for maximum grip.The coin practically bites into your hand, yet safe to handle!Super large size so that they are very easy to palm. Each coin is 45mm in diameter, made with steel alloy and nickel plated for a super shiny finish.These coins will attach to any magnet.Original radiating and reflective star pattern on these coins made them highly visible to be seen from any distance. One side reads ONE MAGIC WISHAround the edge on the Star side reads MAY YOUR DREAM COME TRUEOriginal Wishing Coin designed by Alan WongAS RECOMMENDED BY JEFF MCBRIDE "Alan Wong"s coins are some of the best coins for stand-up manipulation. The deep milled edges make a HUGE difference. If you are a beginner or pro, you will enjoy the look, sound and feel of these fine coins." - Jeff McBride, Creator of McBride's Magic and Mystery School


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