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Latex Ei - Braun

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Chicken egg size. Brown, medium density. Perfect to perform the classic handkerchief in the egg, because it has a hole that allows you to hide the handkerchief, making it disappear. Or you can make appear a handkerchief silk from the egg. Thought specially for comedy acts or magic for kids, performing a spectacular egg multiplication, because of the fact that you can hide several units in the palm of your hand. You will receive a CERTIFICATE of AUTHENTICITY. Fantasio: Excellent products for the professional magician. They are more realistic than foam or sponge products, and can be used inches away from the spectator Daryl - The Magician's Magician: MAGICLATEX makes some of the best and most realistic looking props in the world of magic. I've used some of their products in my performances at The Magic Castle and NOBODY suspected a thing! Kevin James: MAGICLATEX makes some really wonderful latex products. I was very impressed. You will be too. Hans Klok: MAGICLATEX is simply the best.

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