Ghost Gaff Deck

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The Bicycle Ghost Gaff Deck is a full collection of special art cards designed to fit secretly... mehr
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The Bicycle Ghost Gaff Deck is a full collection of special art cards designed to fit secretly with your normal Ghost deck. No spectator expects cards like these.This allows you to perform amazing illusions that were never thought possible. Create devastating effects Includes utility cards + artistic art cards, Even the box is gaffed for a killer trick, Takes magic to miracle status,NOTES: You must know sleight of hand to create tricks with this deck. If you don't, get the companion DVD, ARMY OF 52, You will need a regular Ghost Deck if you don't have one yet,The Bicycle Ghost Gaffed Deck is a tool. And with any tool you need to know how to properly use it. You'll need to know sleight of hand and be creative with your patter, your ideas for effects using these cards. Some of these cards are 'standard' gaffed cards, and can be used in a number of common ways with effects that use these cards. Others only require imagination. The results are up to you. SHIFT REALITY If you could use a card that is: shot, aged, flipped, zipped, fallen, faded, ripped and stuck, box printed, blank, creepy, blacked out, swirled, thumb printed, smudged, inked wrong, mis-made, tagged, transferred, erased, added to, too high, shifted, shattered, fractioned, blurred, skeletal, or predictive... THIS IS THE DECK FOR YOU!

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