Extreme Burn 2.0

Extreme Burn 2.0
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The MOST VISUAL Bill Change system EVER...and now COMPLETELY EXAMINABLE! Extreme Burn is back... mehr
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The MOST VISUAL Bill Change system EVER...and now COMPLETELY EXAMINABLE! Extreme Burn is back WITH A VENGENCE! HAND OUT TECHNIQUES , ADVANCED UNDERGROUND CHANGES , MAGAZINE TO MONEY WORKSHOP , NEW MOVES, FRESH CONCEPTS , PRO HANDLING TIPS: TABLE HOPPING, RESETABILITY , SUBTLETIES, PSYCHOLOGY and MUCH MORE! , PLUS: BRAND NEW ULTRA THIN GIMMICK , PLUS: Extreme Burn Wallet/Holder,Extreme Burn 2.0 includes: ALL the same incredible material from the ORIGINAL Extreme Burn DVD. , PLUS 75 minutes of Brand NEW bonus material. Featuring: HAND OUT TECHNIQUES: (Learn killer techniques that will allow you perform Extreme Burn and then immediately hand out the bills for complete examination. PLUS: Deadly ideas and techniques that will allow you to AUTOMATICALLY RESET even after the hand out phase. Change a whole pile of 1's into a pile of 20's or 100's. The sky's the limit! Best of all, NO PALMING IS REQUIRED.) , ADVANCED UNDERGROUND CHANGES: The Shake, The Snap, Cervon and more. , MAGAZINE TO MONEY WORKSHOP: Learn the real work on integrating paper and or pieces of magazine into your Extreme Burn system. , PRO TIPS: Psychology, table hopping, reset, AND MORE! , PLUS: The BRAND NEW ULTRA THIN Gimmick (Designed thinner and sleeker for maximum performance.) , PLUS: The Extreme Burn HOLDER A thin wallet to hold your bills in.,IMAGINE THIS: Show 4-5 bills cleanly, one at a time, on both sides. Lay them FLAT OUT in your hand. With NO COVER whatsoever, shake the bills. INSTANTLY they change. That's it. No Folding. No funny moves. Nothing. The bills just CHANGE! Your spectators will swear they just saw a Hollywood special effect! Richard Sanders has reinvented the multiple bill change. Working from the ground up he has transformed the visual impact of the effect and revolutionized the entire technique. Extreme Burn is a devious recipe combining one part technique and one part gimmick that will allow you to VISUALLY change bills with no cover. The best part about Extreme Burn, besides the hyper visual changes is the fact that it is dead easy to do. The gimmick does most of the work for you so that you can concentrate on devastating your audiences. Extreme Burn is not just a variation; it is an evolutionary leap forward in technique and effect. WHAT TO EXPECT: You will learn 10 unique, hyper-visual changes; giving you an army of devastating bill changes to do in literally any situation imaginable. No stone is left unturned, from setting up the bills to performing the changes, and all the handling tips and subtleties in-between. You will be up and running in no time. AND as a special BONUS, you'll learn Richard's underground miracle, Slow Burn. They'll flip-out as they watch bills visually morph, while you slowly pass your hand over them! PLUS 75 MINUTES OF BRAND NEW MATERIAL that will allow you to change the bills and then hand them out for examination, spend them, etc. A total of over 2.5 hours of killer magic on one remarkable DVD. Additional points: ADDITIONAL POINTS: Easy to do. , Immediately repeatable, NOTHING TO RESET. , No palming and nothing to get rid of. , Pay for items after you change the money. , Works with every currency. , Change 1's to 100's, transform paper to money, foreign money to local currency, the possibilities are endless. , Carry it in your pocket and you're always ready for a miracle!,

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