3 Card Canasta

3 Card Canasta
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In the early 1960s Chan Canasta was the master of apparent mind control. A recently discovered... mehr
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In the early 1960s Chan Canasta was the master of apparent mind control. A recently discovered video shows the mind reader on Dutch TV performing a charming trick with two decks and three cards. The problem was that it required a skilled Classic Force, tons of audience management and it worked only once out of nine times! Even with his amazing talents, Canasta failed on the show. Docc Hilford's 3 Card Canasta trick delivers more than the original and it WORKS EVERY TIME! EFFECT: Two decks, a red and a blue, are used. Two women are chosen to help. One woman chooses either deck, say the red one. She selects 3 cards from the shuffled red deck (no force) and instructs the mentalist in which pockets to individually place them. The other woman holds the blue deck behind her back, freely selects three cards and places them in similar pockets as the mentalist. The second woman names a pocket, say the upper pocket. The mentalist and the second woman remove the cards from that pocket. The cards match! Both cards are removed from the next pockets and they match! Finally, the mentalist names the unknown cards in the last pockets and upon removal, they match! ? All cards are freely chosen, no need for a Classic Force. ? The pocket's order is freely chosen by the spectators. ? The mentalist doesn't need to handle the cards. ? Any of the three cards can be left for the final revelation. ? This is about as close to a self working piece as can be imagined. Comes with instructions and special gimmicks.
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