Card Dodgery

Card Dodgery
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J.K. Hartman is a creative legend. He has been publishing groundbreaking material since 1970.... mehr
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J.K. Hartman is a creative legend. He has been publishing groundbreaking material since 1970. With books like Card Craft, After Craft, and CAAN Craft, he has cemented his reputation as one of the most prolific, innovative card magicians of our time. Mr. Hartman has announced that his last contribution will be Card Dodgery, and we are honored to be the publisher. You will find that this volume is a swan song for the ages, and a fitting end to an illustrious publishing career. Card Dodgery is a handsome volume, with 283 pages and over 60 new effects and moves. At the conclusion of the book, we include a rare interview with the elusive Mr. Hartman. It's the first time he has ever done an interview of this nature for magicians. Contents Pushunder Switch Deeper Dupers Outjog Force One O'Cut CP Force Passkey Double Deeper I Think I.C.A.A.N. Position Possession Suggestion Box Boxsome Beauty Pig Out Garden of Eaten Johns & Jills Subterfuse One Down, Two to Go Three to the Fourth Power 4'11 Re-Orient Express II Back to Back to Back... Set-Two II Jo-Con Less is More Invisibull Speaking of Jokers Trap Rap Out and Over A Likely Story II JK Aitches Four-Way Foray Laughing Ass Pull Pushers Speed Trap Poker Face-to-Face Piano Forte Cut Fight Carlo Monte Class Cut II Bottom Out High Minded Hand Shake Poker Face-Off II Color Guller Difference Maker Lo and Foretold Cutting a Deal Ultra Impromptu Match & Mix The One and Only & Psy Five Ladies First Thought Up Sleight of Handle Numiracle Numoracle Matching Match One of a Mind II Guess Star Suito Psychometry Simple Simon Psi-Cycle Holey Grail InterviewPages: 383 - 9" x 6" - Hardcover - Black and white illustrations
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