Cardboard Curiosities

Cardboard Curiosities
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Performed by Aldo Colombini. GEORGE HILLS COMES FROM THE UNITED KINGDOM AND PERFORMS FOR KIDS, AFTER DINNER PARTIES, CLOSE UP AND BASICALLY EVERYWHERE. HE HAS A UNIQUE ABILITY TO PRODUCE ENTERTAINING AND COMMERCIAL COMEDY ITEMS. WHAT FOLLOWS IS A SAMPLE OF HIS PRODUCTIONS. CONTENT: JUMBO JAPE: Small cards stuck on regular sized cards to create a funny look are shown and used to obtain an entertaining routine. This is a comedy item that can be presented with jumbo cards! ART CLASS: Using an amusing storyline about your time at an evening art class, a small packet of cards are shown to be stick men. They turn into stick ladies. Eventually, you are taking a photographic course and the routine ends with a comical ending! DOUBLE DIAMONDS: This piece of magic is another way to reveal a selected card using a sheet of paper, but with a funny and surprising ending! TABLE HOPPERS CLOCK: A regular in George's table hopping repertoire. Based on the clock principle, you are using in this routine a miniature deck of cards and a clock dial to produce a stunning prediction! TEA AND TART FOR TWO: A funny whimsical storyline that ends with the picture of a rat appearing together with a punch line! DISSIMILAR DECEPTION: A Jumbo prediction card is seen to be incorrect and you seem to lose money. However, you end with a laugh, everything is correct and you do not lose your money! EDUCATED ENVELOPE: This is a comedy prediction effect which is very commercial. After a couple of comedy gags, you produce a giant card to finish off!TURNCOAT: A fantastic card routine with multiple climaxes, where the cards turn face up and face down, change colors and the routine finishes with cards of different colors! EXIT: A great comedy routine using jumbo cards with lots of effects and surprises! MEASLED: Five cards with spots and diamonds are used to produce an entertaining routine, with multiple climaxes!
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