Daryls Card Revelations DVD #1

Daryls Card Revelations DVD #1
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Daryl - Weltmeister Magier und Experte für Fingerfertigkeit zeigt Ihnen 140 verblüffende... mehr
Produktinformationen "Daryls Card Revelations DVD #1"
Daryl - Weltmeister Magier und Experte für Fingerfertigkeit zeigt Ihnen 140 verblüffende Methoden, um eine vom Zuschauer gewählte Karte wiederzufinden! Mit diesen unglaublichen Tricks werden Sie Ihre Zuschauer begeistern! Jede Methode wird Ihnen Schritt für Schritt erklärt. Lernen Sie die besten Tricks von einem der besten Magier. Teil 1 Chicago Opener, Happy Birthday Card, Himbers Name Cards, Bostons Card Stab, Poker Voice / Lie Detector, Circus Card Trick, Skullocation, Moving Pencil, Secret Mathematician, Face Up Locator, Psychological Force, Card At Selected Number, Spectator Stop, Simple Mind Reading, Business Card Prophecy, Rub-A-Dub-Dub, Rising Aces, 21 Force, Pivot Revelation #1, Long Distance Spinner, Knock Out, Throw Down Change, Gag SandwichTeil 2 Sandwich #3, Spectator Makes A Sandwich, Two Card Stab, Biddled Across, Fan See Card, Rosini Surprise Stab, Open Sesame, Zombie Card Rise, Bullet Trick, Dunbury Delusion, Two Cards in the Eyeglasses, Say It Over And Over In Your Mind, No Palm Card Through Handkerchief, The Nose Knows, Kick Back Card, Discovery, Pop Out Move, Spectator Finds The Aces, Nothing To Do, The Question Is, Fortune Telling Fish, The Australian Sixes, Card In The Card Box, Spelling A Card, Whispering Queen, The End Stab, Homing Card, The Fingerprint Card Trick, Center Pivot Out, Double Pivot Out, The Psychic StopTeil 3 Tip-Over Change, The 3 1/2 of Clubs, Triumph, Card Detected by Pulse Beat, Any Number Down, Double Count, Card Stab Through Newspaper, The Magic Thrust, Card Penetration and Change, A Sense of Touch Discovery, Cocktail Cards, Card in the Hat, An Impromptu Rising Card Effect, I'm Sitting On It, Ashes nn the Arm, Red Tape, Card Caught in Midair, Cut the Cards, Chosen Card Up Sleeve, Through the Table, Plunger Discovery, Crystal Ball, Magnetic Knife, The Gun Trick, Hit the Deck, Process of Elimination, Simple Reverse, Slide Revelation, Spell It, Spring Card Revelation, Popover Move, Gymnastic Aces, Flip Up Card, Flip Up Card Surprise, Big Card or Little Card, Self-Cutting DeckTeil 4 New Era Card Through Handkerchief, A Direct Stab, Pivot Revelation Method #2, Fillip, Righting a Wrong, Dual Discovery, Riffle Shuffle Flip Over, Clap, Heavyweight Flip Over Card, The Card Through the Magazine, Card between Plates, Card on the Forehead, The Controlled Cut, The Geiger Counter Card Trick, My First Gun, The Revolver Card, Quadruple Pivot Out, TV Aces, Best Card in Pocket, Lazy Mans Card to Pocket, The Easy Card to Pocket, The Card and Cigarette Case, Card on Seat, Kangaroo Card, Any Number Up, Sandwich #1, Klip-Kard, It is in the Book, Selected Card from Spectators Pocket, Card in the Eyeglasses, Mindreading with any Assistant, Direct Card to Pocket, Sandwich #2, The X-Ray Knife, Card in the Mouth, Rising Cards from EnvelopeTeil 5 Burnt Card, Card Under the Tablecloth, Cross Cut Force, Cut Deeper Force, Hindu Shuffle Force, U Find Your Card, Card finds Card, Throw Through Change, Slop Shuffle, Riding the Aces, Bewilderment, Double Discovery, A New Top Card Production, One Hand Discovery, Find Five Cards, Coin Cut, Almost A Transposition, Card In Envelope
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