Handle with Carey

Handle with Carey
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The quotes below are from three of the world's finest card magicians who have had a sneek peek at... mehr
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The quotes below are from three of the world's finest card magicians who have had a sneek peek at this brand new DVD from John Carey. Featuring 11 superb routines, all of the effects are from John's working material and all have been worked and refined for many years. This not only makes them extremely practical for all working conditions, but also hard hitting and extremely direct. This DVD runs in at over two hours duration, representing great value for money."John Carey has a knack for creating strong, direct card miracles using simple and devious methods. The routines shine brightly in the real world"- John Guastaferro "John Carey is well known within a limited circle in magic for his uncanny ability to apply subtlety and subterfuge to effect magicial moments of the highest order. It appears that now is the time for that circle of knowledge to be expanded... no knuckle busters, no pipe dreams, no angle limitations - these are all real workers" - Jack Carpenter "John is an alchemist. He turns moves you already know into the miracles you've always wanted to do. Imagine Card at Any Number, Searchers and Pocket Interchange all for the cost of a discrepancy and double lift. He's also able to squeeze solid, commercial magic out of coins with no wasted effort. Frankly he ticks me off!"- Kurtis KamContents:TRIPLE INPURSEINATION: A triple spellbound coins to purse combined COUNTING ON YOU: John's take on a Paul Cummins classic-a card at a number GYS COIN: One coin routine - John's strolling opener SIMPLE FUSION: An ungaffed fusion effect suitable for couples and birthdays BTB: A no nonsense, practical working method for bill to impossible location GEMINI DETECTOR: A peeked card, a lie detector and a memorable finish. A great way to get the business card in play 3 CHANCES: Sub rising - an impromptu approach to the classic rising card 1 DECK DO AS I DO: Makes the spectator the star as they find your card and you find theirs. Easy and practical SEARCHING FOR A SANDWICH: John's take on the sandwich plot-inspired by Larry Jennings and Armando Lucero WTF POCKET INTERCHANGE: 3 signed selections placed inside the pockets transpose instantly with 4 aces - no palming SPECCY MAGICIAN: Make the spectator the star as they make your thought of card vanish STICKING UP FOR LARRY: A simple direct card to a chosen number inspired by Jennings BONUS TOOL BOX SECTION The spread cull and applications The breather crimp The overhand shuffle peek control The optical overhand false shuffle. The centre spread doubleRunning Time Approximately: Over 2 hours
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