Ice Pack

Ice Pack
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Freeze Ice in Your the Shape of a Chosen Card! A spectacular close-up card effect!The... mehr
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Freeze Ice in Your the Shape of a Chosen Card! A spectacular close-up card effect!The spectator selects a card. You stroke your finger on the condensation of here glass - or carefully pour a few drops of water into your palm - then cup your hands together.You blow into your closed hands, then slowly open them. The moisture's turned to several ice cubes!Now you drop the cubes onto the table or a napkin, or even into the spectator's hands for a surprise.When the spectator announces her card, you point out that the ice cubes are shaped like the name of her card.If it's the Three of Diamonds, she has three diamond-shaped ice cubes. For the Two of Hearts, there are two heart-shaped pieces of ice!It's real ice, and you can leave it on the table for the amazed spectators to watch melt!An unforgettable card effect certain to cause brain freeze!Includes reusable card ice cube trayMultiple card revelations for repeat showsIce transport gimmick includedYou can even have the ice appear in color!
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