Innovative Card Magic

Innovative Card Magic
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Learn fresh tricks and techniques from Europe's Close Up magician Mariano Goñi, the mind behind... mehr
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Learn fresh tricks and techniques from Europe's Close Up magician Mariano Goñi, the mind behind the world famous "Melting Point" effect! In this DVD you'll find 11 items, some from his professional repertoire. There is stuff for everyone, card routines, quick visual effects, new sleights and color changes, and it comes with necessary materials to configure your "Eagle" gimmick. This trick by itself is worth the half the price! Raikiri Shoot: The selected card is ejected by itself during a cascade. The Hurricane: A devilish method to make a card spin at high speed! Sidewinder 2.0: A natural looking card control, can be used as color change. Color Strike Mama: The red hot mama plot on steroids! A visual transposition. The Lightning Change: A fast, center packet double color change. Has many uses. The Harmony Stone: A multi-phase routine that goes better and better and ends with a surprise.The Shotgun Change:A center packet change, one for four cards, eye popping.The Evolution Change: Another great center packet color change, ending with a clean pack!Color Triumph: Mariano's own routine for an easy to do color triumph with two selections. Floored!: A street effect. A signed card lying on the floor, changes under spectators foot! The Eagle: A closely guarded secret used by Mariano to fool knowledgeable magicians. Learn the identity of a stopped card under impossible conditions. Guaranteed to fool anyone who does not know this secret. Running Time Approximately: 112 min
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