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Shoet (Blau)

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Produktinformationen "Shoet (Blau)"

The professional card to shoe. Mark’s closely guarded secret is finally revealed to the magic world.EffectAny card is selected, signed and returned to the deck. Any routine is performed ie an ambitious card, a transposition etc. The magician slowly removes his foot from inside his shoe. A card is clearly seen inside. Pick up the shoe and remove the card it really is their signed card.You will love the custom built gimmick that will allow you to perform card to shoe with the greatest of ease. This effect is in Mark’s professional act, and he can tell you that the reaction is beyond belief. This is without doubt the cleanest and fairest method for card in shoe. No fumbling, no loading simply remove your foot from ANY SHOE and there is the card in full view.Comes complete with gimmick and detailed instructions.

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