Svengali - Rot

Svengali - Rot
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  • 1821
This deck of cards is brilliantly abnormal. It makes impossible tricks possible. It makes... mehr
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This deck of cards is brilliantly abnormal. It makes impossible tricks possible. It makes difficult tricks simple. The Svengali Deck allows beginners to instantly perform magic that would take years of practice with a regular deck. It allows experts to perform effects that simply can’t be done with a regular deck. This DVD starts simple and teaches the basics. You’ll learn to use and control this amazing tool. Once you’ve established a strong foundation, you’ll learn some of the surprising and powerful ways experts use the Svengali. Oz shows the raw power of the Svengali Deck and gives you hard-hitting routines you’ll perform for years to come. You’ll Learn TechniquesWhat is the Svengali Deck?Displaying the DeckShuffling the DeckCutting the DeckForcingFlourishesDouble LiftDeck SwitchTricksTracking the Number - Your spectator chooses a number. His/her selected card is exactly that number of cards from the top!Spelling a Name - Your friends will love it when you use their name to find their card!Ambitious Card - This classic routine is easy to perform with the Svengali!Touch - Use your Svengali in a completely different way. Fool your magician friends!Everywhere and Nowhere - ’Hypnotize’ three spectators to see the same card. This is Oz’s personal favorite!Impossible Location - Have your spectator choose a card AND choose a location. Their selected card vanishes from the deck and appears IN THEIR SELECTED LOCATION!Performance - Head out on the Las Vegas strip to watch Oz entertain with the Svengali!Running Time Approximately: 59mins
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