Twisted Blizzard

Twisted Blizzard
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The HIT of the BLACKPOOL magic convention 2010 J B Magic are proud to be working along side... mehr
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The HIT of the BLACKPOOL magic convention 2010 J B Magic are proud to be working along side Aaron, we bring to you a rare piece of card magic. If you are looking for Direct, Powerful, Visual magic then look no further, Twisted Blizzard is for you. Imagine asking a spectator to simply NAME ANY CARD in the deck. Then spreading the deck, there is only ONE CARD in the entire deck, the NAMED CARD. Every other card is BLANK. NO FORCING, NO SPECIAL WORDING, NO DECK SWITCHES, NO ROUGH & SMOOTH NO DOUBLE FACED CARDS, NO DOUBLED BACKED CARDS. Twisted Blizzard is without doubt a giant leap forward in card magic, this reputation building effect can be learned in just 10 minutes. The custom printed Bicycle deck performs 95% of all the work for you. Twisted Blizzard comes with a step by step training DVD, with a bonus effect called WHITE TRASH. This is without doubt one of the greatest Out Of This World routines I have ever seen. 3 piles are decided by the spectators. A RED pile, a BLACK pile and a NOT SURE PILE. The piles turn out to be all Red all Black and the not sure pile are all BLANK. Twisted Blizzard ticks ALL the boxes in card magic, it is both Visual and Direct, Easy to do and is Instantly Reset. We highly recommend Twisted Blizzard. Quotes"I love it!, Its like Blizzard, but self working" Nathan Kranzo "The flexibility of this weapon would have made Bob Hummer hum and even make him finally wear socks." Jon Racherbaumer "The time I saw it, I peed a little" Geoff Williams. "Both routines are real foolers, as well as extremely practical exactly what great magic should be". Scott Robinson. "This fried me big time. Excellent work Aaron." Caleb Wiles. Running Time: Approximately 34mins
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