Boxxed 2

Boxxed 2
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Show a magnificent exotic top grade veneer wood box secured by stout rubber bands that instantly... mehr
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Show a magnificent exotic top grade veneer wood box secured by stout rubber bands that instantly allows you to know what the contents of the drawer are. This is a masterpiece of simplicity and mystery. No gimmicks! So easy to do. So diabolical in working. Just supply the showmanship and allow Boxxed II to do the rest! There are so many possibilities for the imaginative performer. Picture yourself placing five coins of varying denominations and origins on the table. For example, coins from England, Germany, France, Spain and Italy. The performer turns his back while a randomly selected participant is asked to imagine that he or she is vacationing in the country whose coin is one of the five on the table. The participant is then asked to place the coin of there choice into the drawer of the strikingly beautiful box. They are then asked to secure the drawer with several stout rubber bands so there is no way anyone can see what's sealed inside the box. The remaining four coins are placed out of sight before the performer turns and faces the participant. "Examine the box," the performer asks. "Make sure there are no windows, slits or trapdoors in the box." The participant does so. "Place the box between your cupped hands," the performer continues. The participant is now asked to imagine that he or she is visiting the country where the freely selected coin came from. Slowly the performer begins to describe the country, a city, and a historic landmark in that city. "The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France." "Does the coin in the box between the palms of your hands come from France?" the performer asks. The participant confirms that the coin in the box did indeed come from France. This is just one of the many effects possible with BOXXED II. Use Casino chips, a die, in fact, just about anything that will fit inside the box. Naturally, BOXXED II comes complete with illustrated instructions. The uses are limitless, and because of the diabolically simple secret, and so is the handling.
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