Watcher (Rot)

Watcher (Rot)
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A very clever gimmick to gain knowledge of a chosen card. With this device invisible you will be... mehr
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A very clever gimmick to gain knowledge of a chosen card. With this device invisible you will be able to secretly aware of any hidden card - by the spectator himself! - Bicycle in a case. You will see the chosen card as though viewed through the case. The spectator, he does not even see that he is holding the case in hand! Give your deck to a spectator. Invite him to examine and mix as you turn your back. The viewer runs and quite freely chooses a card and looks at her. The card was immediately put away in the case. It is closed. No one, except for the viewer, so no one knows the value of the card enclosed in the case. Repeat facing the audience and explain that you have a memory like an elephant. You resume the game (where there are more now than 51 cards) the quickly review, consider a few seconds and then announce that the queen of spades is missing. Pray the viewer to open the case and extract the card in it. Incredible: this is the queen of spades! How on earth could you save in a few seconds while the game to detect the only card that was missing. Your audience will ask the time. Watcher operates automatically!, Watcher requires no exercise of memory or calculation!, Not a single forcing, no rosary to remember. No preparation!, Use your ordinary game to present your magic and use of Watcher when you need it., No exchange card: the card that the spectator hides in the case is the same that came out! The tour will be immediately rebuilt to the same person ... with a different card., The gimmick will follow you everywhere in close-up. It is invisible and effective!, Watch the video soon after. It will give you an idea of the many possible applications of this new gimmick.,

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