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Coin Waltz inkl. Gimmick

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Coin Waltz is Alex Pandrea's take on the classic fusion plot in magic, where two objects inexplicably become one. A quarter is borrowed from a spectator and signed with a permanent marker. A second quarter is also signed. The coins are held at the fingertips and slammed together, merging them into a single quarter that is signed on both sides! The quarter can be immediately examined by the spectator and kept as a souvenir! The Coin Waltz DVD features live street performances by Alex Pandrea, filmed in New York City and Atlantic City. Coin Waltz is practical and resets instantly, perfect for any situation. In the studio, Alex teaches how to construct the Coin Waltz gimmick and provides in-depth insight into the handling and presentation of the routine. He also teaches bonus effects that can be accomplished with the gimmick, such as Coin Thru Spectator's Hand and an at-the-fingertips coin bend. Highly Visual Unforgettable Memento Shot in High-Definition Dolby Digital Studio Includes Supply of Gimmick Material Amazing Bonus EffectsRunning Time Approximately: 1hr 25min

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