TKO 2.0 - nur Gimmick (Weiß)

TKO 2.0 - nur Gimmick (Weiß)
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"This thing is WICKED! Ideas like this don't come around too often." ~ Enrico de la VegaThey... mehr
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"This thing is WICKED! Ideas like this don't come around too often." ~ Enrico de la VegaThey have the questions. Do you have the answer?Is it in YOUR OTHER HAND?Can you do that AGAIN?Can you use MY COIN?Yeah, but CAN I SHUFFLE the deck?Can you use MY DECK?TKO 2.0 is THE Answer to all of these questions and more. TKO 2.0 is a utility device that works with any button-up shirt. It allows you to perform all of the clean and visual vanishes of the original TKO while adding the killer card techniques made possible by the Ultimate Card Control Utility (UCCU). The UCCU-and now, TKO 2.0-allows you to secretly yet flawlessly maintain control over one or more cards while the spectator shuffles the deck. The cards can then be produced from the deck or found in an impossible location, such as an envelope that has been in plain sight the entire time.This is a refill with one White Gimmick only!

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