Elegant Deceptions - 3 DVD Set

Elegant Deceptions - 3 DVD Set
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Welcome to "The Classic Magic of Michael Vincent Volume 3 - Elegant Deceptions" Volume 3... mehr
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Welcome to "The Classic Magic of Michael Vincent Volume 3 - Elegant Deceptions" Volume 3 continues with the same intention as Volumes 1 and 2 - that is to transform the learning of magic through the medium of DVD. Over the last year, Michael Vincent has broken new ground in merging the DVD medium with his dynamic teaching style. Michael has made a significant impact in the market place to such an extent that this new DVD has been anticipated with great expectation. This new release from Alakazam Magic showcases Michael Vincent at his very best, as a performance driven artist. The material on this DVD was designed with one intention, to be shared was an audience. In studying this DVD, it is our hope that you will feel the passion, drive and enthusiasm that Michael brings to every performance. Alakazam Magic hopes that you will be inspired by what you learn so that you can emulate the qualities that makes the Michael Vincent experience of magic such a precious commodity. The values that Michael holds dear are rooted in a commitment to technical and artistic excellence and a desire to provide his audience with that rare thrill of pure astonishment. In continuing this series, Michael has deliberately taken the approach of communicating to you as his personal students. He takes for granted that you have taken the time to study the first two volumes because volume 3 picks up the pace and expands the possibilities of what can be achieved with more advanced skill and artistic delivery. The performances given in the live show and in the intimacy of the bar will showcase the impact that quality magic, well presented, can have on a lay audience. Here is your opportunity to take your magic and performance to the next level. Thank you for continuing your journey with Michael Vincent and Alakazam Magic. Table of ContentsDisc One: - Opening Discussion with Chris Harding - Live Parlor Show Featuring: The Symphony of the Rings The Rubber Band Trick The Hanging Coins The Bill Switch Routine The Card up The Sleeve The Ultimate Travelers The Ladies Looking GlassThese routines are a performance section with discussion & references to methods and resources later in the DVD- Close-up Show in the Bar-Part One (With full Explanations) The Ultra Clean Transposition All Hands on DeckDisc Two:- Close-up Performance in the Bar-Part Two 4Play with Foursome The Vegas Hustle Aces for Experts Back To the future- Bonus Performance The Many Faces of a Woman -Performance OnlyDisc Three:Borrowed Deck Conversation With Chris Harding.The routines featured are: Reading "Tells" - An idea inspired by Juan Tamariz with special thanks to Darwin Ortiz. Asthmatic Card Control - Michael's handling for Harry Lorayne's Numero Uno A Match Made in Heaven - Dai Vernon's "Matching the Cards" (from a borrowed Shuffled Deck). Irv Weiner's "Triple Transposition"....One simple Technique sets you up for an amazing series of transpositions.This section is an intriguing conversation about the benefits of mastering "The Cull" so that you can work with a borrowed deck. Here, Michael performs some impromptu card magic with a deck supplied by Chris Harding. What makes this section of the DVD so compelling is the fact that Michael performs and then explains a number of routines which would normally require you to begin with your deck stacked. This could be the most valuable study for all aspiring students of card magic. Ascension - Michael's exquisite handling for the classic "Ambitious Aces", inspired by an idea of James Swain's. A Final Conversation with Chris HardingIn this final conversation, Michael imparts his knowledge and wisdom in the hope that it inspires you all to continue thinking and expanding the possibilities for your magic. Bonus ExplanationThe Ladies Looking Glass - Here is a master class in how to take ancient classic first published in 1868 and bring it kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Michael's performance and explanation is an inspired study in technical mastery and artistic self - expression. Professor Comte and Robert Houdin would have loved this!

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