iLogo (Schwarz)

iLogo (Schwarz)
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The moment you perform magic with a spectators object is the moment they believe you can truly... mehr
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The moment you perform magic with a spectators object is the moment they believe you can truly bend reality! Nothing is stronger than visual magic with a borrowed object. Craig Squires has created an effect that is totally visual, totally weird and bang up to date! iLoGo is the incredibly visual, yet simple to perform, eye-popping effect everyone is talking about. Imagine taking your spectators iPhone 4/4s and sliding the logo right to the other end of the phone. They clearly see the space where the logo used to be ( they can even touch it, it's really not there ). After your spectators have picked their jaws back off the floor, you slide the logo back and hand them back the phone. Craig's iLoGo concept is ingenious, is easy to perform and looks like real magic! Use it as part of a street magic set, part of a card trick or to freak someone out on the fly. Routines Included Lo-Go! Vanish the logo from the back of a borrowed iPhone i-Move Move the Logo to the bottom of the phone and back again! i-Find The logo vanishes only to appear on the back of a selected playing card! i-Jump Make the logo jump from your spectators phone on to your phone and back again i-Secure Greg's ultra-cool way of locking your spectators iPhone The instructional DVD also includes extra routines and handling tips by Craig Squires, Dave Loosley, Peter Nardi, Mark Grey & Greg Wilson. iLoGo is a secret weapon you will always carry with you! "The best effect I've seen in a very long time" - John Archer "You'll want to buy an iPhone just to do this effect!" - Greg Wilson "This is TV magic but for the real world!" - Peter Nardi

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